(this article first appeared in issue #6 of "Games International" in June 1989. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author)

The Coalfields

by Alan R Moon

This variant will open up the board quite a bit. While the new hexes are added to the south map edge, the north is also increased in value by making it easier to run into and through New York. This balances the value of all the corporations and puts the emphasis back on the player to non the corporation in the best possible manner. In addition, all the corporations, with the exception of the Erie, now begin in the east, and must make their way west together.

New hexes and tiles:

Train changes:

Tile Mix:

Increase the number of certificates each player can hold by one, regardless of the number of players in the game.

Optional rule: add $8000 to the bank. This will guarantee at least three more operating rounds in the game and will make the decisions of whether to buy a diesel or 7 train more important.

Take a ride
This variant can also be used with the 'Take A Ride On The Reading' variant published in the General, Volume 23, Number 6, to create 10 railroads, as follows:

Another interesting variant would be to use both the Reading and Norfolk & Western and drop the Erie from the game.

New tiles and board changes: coalfields.zip