designer Jervis Johnson
publisher Games Workshop
released 1989
players 2-5
playing time 120 minutes
rating none

Advanced Heroquest

Quick look by Moritz Eggert

This is a semi-successful attempt to create a hybrid of role- and wargame. The extensive rules promise an interesting experience, but where the game fails is the atmosphere. This is dungeon crawling at its most basic - only a handful of different monsters and basic features appear again and again (this was supposedly to be changed with expansions - but not many appeared) and torture the patience of the players. Why anybody would want to play a campaign with a character who visits the same three different rooms again and again is anybody's guess. The basic "Heroquest" - although truly "basic" - remains more playable because of its many expansion and its appeal to young gamers. Has been greatly surpassed in playability and appeal by newer games like "Heroscape" or most collectible miniature games. Therefore dated, but a "grail" to many for some reason.

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2008, Westpark Gamers