designer Michael A. Brown
publisher TriKing/The History Channel
released 2005
players 2
playing time 10 minutes
rating none


Quick look by Moritz Eggert

I'm torn on this one - I wanted to like it as a semi collectible game (no random boosters, thank god), but there are some issues that will keep you from getting totally pulled into this game. The short game length is a bonus (the 5 minutes mentioned on the box are realistic!), but the designer chose to make the mechanics a little too simple and too similar, so the various special abilities of the cards can't really kick in and create a real sense of variety as in other, more complex CCG's. In fact you won't really feel a difference of the various historic characters, as their special abilities are only vaguely connected to the period they are from. The system of rolling two dice for attack and defense is also not ideal, as it creates too wild combat results that make skill matter less than it should. The cards are beautiful, though, but they better be at the steep price!

Might be successful in pulling some new gamers into the scene, who knows?

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2009, Westpark Gamers