designer Kevin Wilson
Richard Launius
publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Heidelberger Spieleverlag
released 2005
players 1-8
playing time 180 minutes
rating none

Arkham Horror

Quick look by Moritz Eggert

I didn't care much about the old "Arkham Horror", even though I own it and it is super rare. The new version does everything right - more choices for the investigators and less randomness, but keeping the constant level of threat. The amount of cards and variety in this game is nearly staggering, and it was a good idea to tone down the more humorous approach of the first game. One thing that could be improved though is the dark board that makes it very difficult to see where monsters are - moving monsters in the Mythos phase is a drag, especially if Arkham is overrun. But all in all an excellent new effort by the ever improving Fantasy Flight.

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