designer George Vasilakos
M. Alexander Jurkat
publisher Eden Studios
released 2004
players 2-4
playing time 30 minutes
rating none

Army of Darkness

Quick look by Moritz Eggert

An incredibly bad game that makes no sense whatsoever. Basically you win if you have the right card (the Necronomicon) at the right time, but in no way can the possession of the Necronomicon be influenced by you in any way, you just have the card or not. Add to this the usual dumb event cards like "all players pass their cards to the right" and you have this usually dumb "novelty" card game with a film theme. The only reason why I don't give a 1 is that a) the film is cool and b) the pictures on the cards are cool. The cards are also well laminated, which is probably good if you get a sudden desire to rip them apart. At least I did...

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2009, Westpark Gamers