designer Rob Daviau
Bruce Glassco
publisher Avalon Hill
released 2004
players 3-6
playing time 60 minutes
rating none

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Quick look by Moritz Eggert

This game works relatively well as a traditional exploration/character advancement game, but really kicks into gear when it comes to the second part, where one player will be the evil traitor and the other players fight together to overcome one of 50 totally different evil scenarios. Some of them play like little wargames, others demand deduction and skill. Great fun for everybody involved, as the game really depicts the theme well, and the scenarios have been lovingly crafted to represent every imaginable haunted house story/cliché. The replay value is high, as the endgame is always different, but the exploration stays a bit samey. The game would profit from expansions, which could easily be integrated. Great design with wonderful atmosphere, easy to pick up, relatively short playing time - what doth the geek wanteth more?

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