designer Lewis E. Pulsipher
publisher Avalon Hill
Fantasy Flight Games
released 1986
players 3-5
playing time 240 minutes
rating red starred starred starred starred starred starred starred starred stargray star


Quick look by Moritz Eggert

The new version by Fantasy Flight games has to be commended as being the most perfect edition up to date. For the first time the rules really get it right and the (minor) tweaks by Mr. Pulsipher really shine and make the game seem fresh even for veteran players like me. The board and the counters are of top quality as well, although the VP's as "change" doesn't really work, but nobody is kept from simply writing the scores down as it was done before. Yes, there is dice rolling, yes, the events are scripted, but there is also lots of strategy involved, and the more skilled player who plans ahead and saves his men for the really important battles usually wins. "Ancient Conquest" might have come first, but it is to the credit of Lew Pulsipher that we have a great classic "simple" wargame with immense flair that is still enjoyable after all these years.

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2009, Westpark Gamers