Designers Klaus Teuber
Publishers Kosmos
Year released2005
Playing time (minutes)60
Luding linkhttp://luding.org/Skripte/GameData.py/DEgameid/19091
Boardgame Geek linkhttp://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/19526
Reviewsdereport  (09.11.2005) by Walter
Individual ratingsAaron: 7, Arpad: 7, GŁnther: 7, Loredana: 7, Michael: 7, Peter: 7, Walter: 8
Westpark Gamers' ratingred starred starred starred starred starred starred stargray stargray stargray star
Game of the Month
March 2006
The Catan games series has literally been done to death with countless expansions, scenarios and variants readily available, some less, some more succesful. So it comes as a total surprise that quite out of nowhere this new excellent game comes along, that introduces many new elements and in fact is a very challenging and fun game in it's own right, reminiscent in some mechanics of the classic 'McMulti'. 'Elasund' is a tense and nailbiting affair that really enriches the Catan game world without giving the feeling that they were only in it 'for the money'. No, it is a game with heart, from gamers for gamers, and this is greatly appreciated by us!