24/7 The Game


Designers Carey Grayson
Publishers Sunriver Games
Year released2006
Playing time (minutes)20
Luding linkhttp://luding.org/Skripte/GameData.py/DEgameid/20199
Boardgame Geek linkhttp://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/25182
Reviewsdereview  (21.11.2006) by Moritz
dereport  (29.11.2006) by Walter
dereport  (15.05.2014) by Walter
Individual ratingsAndrea: 8, G√ľnther: 6, Loredana: 10, Moritz: 8, Peter: 6, Walter: 5, Wolfgang: 7, Aaron: 6, Hans: 6
Westpark Gamers' ratingred starred starred starred starred starred starred stargray stargray stargray star
Game of the Month
December 2006
24/7 the Game is a great light game of number tile scoring, a bit reminiscent of but much better than Zatre (which plays much slower). Sunriver Games has again managed to produce a winner! Very recommended for all kinds of gaming groups. Rules: bilingual (German and English), can be explained in 2 minutes Game material: impeccably good Game length: 20 minutes, and you want to play again immediately