designer Christophe Boelinger
publisher ProLudo
released 2005
players 2-4
playing time 5 minutes
rating none

Dungeon Twister

Quick look by Moritz Eggert

A wonderful game - perhaps one of the most satisfying 2-player games ever invented (the 3 to 4-player games add an element of chaos which might not appeal top everybody). Plays quick (if players don't ponder their moves too much, which can happen) and rewards skill without being a dry strategic exercise. Very little luck involved (perhaps 5%, not more), which is surprising when you think of the fantasy theme. A nice element of the game is the uncertainty of who will be the winner up to the end of the game, as a player who is lacking in VP's can still manage a win with a well managed series of moves. Everything about this game is well thought out and tested, and it will be enjoyed for quite a while, of that I'm sure.

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