Designers Uwe Rosenberg
Publishers Lookout Games
Year released2007
Playing time (minutes)150
Luding link
Reviewsdereport  (13.12.2007) by Walter
dereview  (19.01.2008) by Walter
dereport  (12.03.2008) by Walter
Individual ratingsAaron: 5, Günther: 7, Peter: 5, Walter: 7, Moritz: 8
Westpark Gamers' ratingred starred starred starred starred starred stargray stargray stargray stargray star
Game of the Month
January 2008
In 'Agricola' the players are farmers and try to create a florishing enterprise. They have to keep their farming, expansion of farmhouses and fiels, their cattle-breeding and family extension in balance to secure nutrition for all. Each player tries to select the best development move in a constantly changing game situation. They have to take into account a large variety of constraints, which make every game a new challenge. Agricultural engineers discover an inexhaustible realm of activities in which they can endulge for a whole gamer’s life.