Sankt Petersburg


Designers Bernd Brunnhofer
Michael Tummelhofer
Publishers Hans im Glück Verlag
Year released2004
Playing time (minutes)45
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Reviewsdereport  (19.05.2004) by Walter
destrategy  (03.07.2004) by Walter
dereport  (19.05.2004) by Walter
destrategy  (02.08.2004) by Moritz
dereport  (02.06.2004) by Walter
decomputer  (29.12.2004) by Günther
decomputer  (29.12.2004) by Günther
dereport  (29.07.2004) by Walter
dereport  (27.01.2017) by Walter
dereport  (14.10.2020) by Walter
Individual ratingsAaron: 6, Arpad: 8, Günther: 8, Hans: 7, Moritz: 8, Peter: 8, Walter: 9, Helmut: 8
Westpark Gamers' ratingred starred starred starred starred starred starred starred stargray stargray star
Game of the Month
June 2004
Following so many discussions we had about the game it didn't come as a surprise that 'Sankt Petersburg' has been selected as game of the month June with large lead. Even if luck plays a considerable role it is quite a tactical game with its own fascination for mathematically oriented players. In the beginning you try to achieve the optimum payout with your selection of cards, then you discover the immense variety of cybernetics that happen on the market. Should I buy another card or better not? The effects on the next cards to be exposed cannot be predicted easily. These factors are a continuous challenge to understand the mechanisms of the game and to play it better than your competitors.